In some unique circumstances, annulment is the preferred option for ending a marriage. With an annulment, a marriage can be legally voided from the beginning as if it had never occurred in the first place. With a divorce, there is a record of the marriage and you may be entitled to various benefits arising from the legal marriage that are not available if the marriage is annulled.

Bill is knowledgeable and experienced in helping you determine if ending your marriage could be achieved through an annulment. All of the usual agreements regarding custody, alimony, and property division that are part of a typical divorce or legal separation are unnecessary with an annulment. A judgment allowing the annulment of your marriage is the goal when the validity of the marriage is put into question. There are several circumstances that qualify a marriage to be annulled including if one or both parties were minors at the time of the marriage and did not have the consent of their legal guardians. A marriage may also be annulled if some form of deceit or fraud was involved or if one or both parties were unlawfully forced or threatened into marriage. An incestuous or bigamous marriage might also meet the criteria for an annulment. It may be difficult to establish whether your marriage can be annulled, or if you will need to go through the process of a legal separation or divorce. If you would like to find out whether you and your spouse are eligible to annul your marriage, please contact Bill today so he can help make that determination.

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